A group of California teens battling cancer got a special prom makeover on Friday, April 10.

According to Fox5, Rico’s on 3rd salon in Chula Vista, California gave a group of 30 girls, all diagnosed with some form of cancer, complimentary hair and makeup services.

One of those girls was 17-year-old Ellen Erickson. At age 11, Erickson was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. Since her diagnosis, she has endured 13 surgeries and had to have the femur in her knee replaced with a prosthetic. While she still walks with a limp, Erickson is determined to live a normal life.

“She was down to 88 pounds,” Erickson’s mom Cynthia told the news site. “She had no hair and for a long time, we were struggling with her identity.”

With the help of salon owner Snooki Rico, Ellen is finally feeling like the beautiful young woman that she is.

“I feel gorgeous. I never put on makeup but when this came on, I was like, wow.”


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“I feel a little sick, but I just get through it,” Ellen said. “I just go along with my life and have fun.”

Rico said she understands completely what these girls are going through. Last year, Snooki was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.

“These kids are my heroes. You know, just to see these kids go through what they go through takes me away from what I go through,” Rico said. “Some of them we have seen year in and year out and it’s just amazing to see some of them still standing. Kids are so resilient,” she added.