My name is Snooky Rico.  I along with my family run a salon called Rico’s on 3rd.  As President of our company, I was in the trenches of this battle called Breast cancer.  Friends and Family have blessed me with a lot of support during that difficult time.  All who were willingly love me through it with, dignity, compassion, and grace. 

I know firsthand that this career journey would not be an easy one but I was determined to not let cancer define who I am.  I am a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Grandmother, a Sister, a Aunt, a Cousin, a Friend, and a True Fighter, and lastly, a Survivor.

Rico’s on 3rd Host, “Loving You Through it in a private non-profit room.  Seeing a need for oncology services in the southbay area, which we provide complimentary services, to women undergoing chemotherapy during cancer treatments.  We are a wig bank through the American cancer society, giving free wigs, we also provide services, head shaving, haircuts, wig trimming, scarves tutorial, which every client receives head scarves and accessories, and we also have resource information.  We have provided free services to over 100 women now, and are growing, and being recognized as a valued service in our community.  We are grateful for many sponsor and donations.  As this has been a blessing to many women and families going through a difficult time.  To see them from brokenness to beautiful. Loving them through it with dignity, compassion, and grace iswhat we strive for.